Hiking with children

Photo: Jonas Ingman/Westsweden.com

Hiking is a perfect way to spend time with children, and a way to combine excursion, adventure, movement and knowledge about the nature. Most often, both children and adolescents, once they get out into the wild, think that it is both fun and soothing to hike. In addition, many children often manage to go longer distances than you think.

  • Let the children bring a friend and the outing will be even more enjoyable.
  • Take many breaks.
  • Remember to bring some extra lunch to quickly fill up with energy.
  • Don't forget the water bottle!
  • The children can easily carry their own backpack with both water and a lunch bag.
  • Explain, and build an interest in being outdoors.

Suggestions for good sections with children:

Parts of Bohusleden section 2 through Delsjön's nature reserve.

Bohusleden section 4: Kåsjön-Jonsered

Parts of Bohusleden section 13: Glimmingen-Skalgrusbankarna.

Parts of Bohusleden section 15 along the river Örekilsälven.

Parts of Bohusleden stage 27: Högstad-Blomsholmsmotet