Hiking with a physical disability

Photo: Jonas Ingman/Westsweden.com

Along the Bohusleden trail there are currently no sections with only flat and solid ground. However, there are parts of a couple of sections possible to take part of, even for those with a physical disability.

Below are a couple of more accessible parts of the Bohusleden you can access with wheelchair, walker or stroller.

  • The parts of Bohusleden which are closest to Skatås in Gothenburg, sections 2 och 3, have a relatively flat and hard surface.
  • Even the beginning of stage 7, near Fontin in Kungälv, has well-prepared gravel roads with a smooth and hard surface.
  • In the vicinity of castle Gunnebo on section one there are nice smooth gravel roads, but they are more hilly.
  • From the southern entrance to Vättlefjäll's nature reserve, section 6, there are smooth and solid gravel roads, but they are a bit hilly.

In all these cases, the proposals are based on walking back and forth.