4 days through Strömstad.

Photo: Lukasz Warzecha/Westsweden.com

A four-day hike at the end of Bohusleden. See the sea - from the west. Experience old stonecuttering history and climb the highest peak of Bohusleden. Get fascinated by the deep shelf at the beginning of stage 27 and finally arrive at salty sea and enjoyment in the beautiful Strömstad.

Day 1: Get to Vassbotten. Hike the fairly long section 24 until the hut/shelter in Allemarken.

Day 2. Hike the last kilometer on section 24 and section 25. Stop for lunch in Krokstrand. Climb the peak up to Björnerödspiggen and stay overnight in the hut/shelter at the top.

Day 3. Hike on section 26 and a bit into section 27. Visit to the hut/shelter in Rogstad. Stop along the way and check out the runes and rock carvings.

Day 4. Hike the remaining part of stage 27 towards Strömstad. Take a detour towards the old rock settlement at Strömsholm.