How to use the homepage.

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm/

Here is a description on how to use the homepage.

The first thing you encounter on the website's home page, is a picture over a lake. Under this are all the 27 sections.

In the big picture on the front page is an orange symbol of Bohusleden. This is the "home button" and is used to get back to the front page.

Out in the left column, you will find the menu. The menu offers a wide variety of articles on Bohusleden, tips, advice and inspiration.

In the menu there are buttons to toggle between different languages. At the bottom of the left column is a search function and a link to a page where you can see a map of the entire trail


If you click on "read more" on one of the 27 sections you will get to a page with more details of that particular stage. 

Here is a picture and a text of the selected the stage, information about the length, difficulty and what the traveler can experience along the route. You can also download the stretch of the section as a file.

To the far right is a height curve. In the right column there is also a link to a page where you can report a problem. The comment will then reach us by email.

In the side of the section you can also press the "Open Map Planner". This will take you through to a page with a map of the selected stage. Connecting stages is also seen in the map, but not as clearly.

In the left column on this page entitled "Plan your hike." Here you can both help with how to take the stage of the starting positions, depending on which end of the stage to begin.

Further down in the left column are a list of different items. Here you can tick what you want to see on the map, such as bathing and shelters. When lit these places up on the map.

Some places have more items in the same place. In the current situation illuminates when only one icon in the map. For example, a swimming area also have a picnic area. If you fill in to see a picnic area, then a swimming symbol shall be as shown in the map.

The default settings of the map is that the trek south. In reality Bohusleden marked in both directions.

The map itself mark the start of the section with a red icon with a white walkers. The end of the section is marked with a white and red circular figure. Both icons can be dragged up and down the trail. When you do this change the total length of the stage at the bottom of the left column. You can thus plan how far you want to go without being dependent on the solid phase of the start and finish.