Stensjön-Fontin. Bohusleden trail section 2-6. (STF Signature trail - The South Bohuslän)

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm/

This hiking suggestion starches from Mölndal in the south to Kungälv in the north and goes on sections 2-6 of the Bohusleden's trail. Despite the trail's proximity to Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburgh, you walk in silence through several nature reserves, pass several lakes and through dense forests. The different sections are suitable for one day-hikes and on most of them you can find good overnight accommodation, both at the hotel / B&B or in a hut/shelter.

Sections 2 of the Bohusleden trail stage starts by the lake Stensjön's, near the castle Gunnebo. After a few kilometers you enter the Delsjö area, which is the first of a total of six nature reserves that you walk through during your journey. All with their special character.

The hiking trail follows just next to lake Stora Delsjön before it veers off north towards Skatås. There are several swimming opportunities during the hike.

Sections 3 offers an exciting stretch through the Knipeflågsbergen nature reserve. Barren rocky hills and dramatic ravines surround parts of the hiking trail. The area is rich in wildlife such as moose, fox and deer. The trail takes you up on the hilltop Getryggen with a view across Gothenburg. A bit later you pass the mythical small lake Blacktjärn.

On section 4 of the Bohusleden trail you walk from Kåsjön towards Jonsered on a path through mixed forest terrain. A few kilometers after Kåsjön there is a lake called Maders, with a small hut/shelter. There is also another rest area in the middle of the stage.

Bohusleden section 5 starts along dense beech forests in Bokedalen nature reserve. After a while, at Jonsered's Manor, the trail divides into two alternative paths. The route that runs along lake Aspen and by a small swimming area is slightly longer. The paths join again at Freden. in Angered there is a bus stop to get back to Gothenburg for staying overnight.

Bohusleden's sixth stage continues to Kungälv. After Angered, the trail passes through Vättlefjäll's nature reserve, where there are plenty of wetlands and lakes, resting places and a couple of huts/shelters.