Svartedalen in two or three days.

Photo: Lukasz Warzecha/

Magical forest, mossy boulders and small forest lakes. In Svartedalen, the hiker encounters untouched, wild and beautiful scenery, fine forest trails, beautiful lakes and steep mountain slopes. This hiking suggestion is nothing for the unaccustomed, but the hiker is rewarded with both beautiful and un-spoilt nature as well as fantastic views.

Day 1: Take a car or bus to Fontin in Kungälv. Hike the fairly light but slightly long section 7. Sleep over in the windshield at the end of the stage or at the beginning of section 8.

Day 2. Hike section 8 and stay overnight at Bottenstugan. Here you will find both bookable overnight accommodation and a hut/shelter with fireplace and wood. If you have time, you can explore other parts of the beautiful Svartedalen nature reserve.

Day 3. Hike section 9 to Lysevatten. From here most days a couple of buses to Stenungsund. Double-check bus connection before starting.