Tips and advice

Photo: Jonas Ingman/

Along your hike on Bohusleden there are some things we would like you to think about.

First and foremost, we want to tell you about recommended equipment. Of course, proper boots and good and comfortable clothes are the primary, but there are a lot more to check off before your trip is complete. You can read more about this under Equipment.

During your hike, you may find yourself encountering things that you wonder if you will be allowed to do. Such as fishing or making a fire. Which rules actually apply in the forest and does it differ if it is private and state land respectively? You can read about this under Fire and Fish.

When you are along the trail, you walk mostly on private land, where the landowner has given permission for the trail to pass - with markings and directions etc. Nevertheless, the rules of public law apply to how you should behave. Read more under The right of public access.